The Climb on Kilimanjaro

I could not have been more excited to hear that we were going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro last Wednesday. My professor told us that we would be climbing to the Mandara Hut that is at 9000 feet. So on Wednesday morning, we packed up the coaster and drove to the mountain! We were getting concerned along the way because there were a lot of dark clouds and it was hard to see Mt. Kilimanjaro. I was getting more and more excited for this hike.

We get to the gate and this time we actually got out and went to register! We all signed the book saying that we were going to climb and waited at the entrance for everyone to sign in. I started to walk through the entrance with a huge smile on my face thinking that I am actually on Mt. Kilimanjaro about to hike half way up. I started hiking at a semi fast pace so I slowed down and hiked most of the climb by myself.

The trail that we hiked was all rainforest. It was such a beautiful environment to be hiking in and I just took it all in. I loved all the branches with moss on them that were hanging down from the trees. I could hear beautiful birds chirping and waterfalls flowing. It was just such a peaceful hike to think and reflect on the trip. The only time it wasn’t peaceful was towards the middle of the hike when it was getting higher and the hills were getting steeper to climb up. I had to mentally prepare myself for every incline because of how steep it was. It was really hard for be but I took my time and succeeded. I made it to the Mandara Hut and just cried. I was so exhausted but so proud of myself for making it. I just can’t believe that I got to climb half way up Mt. Kilimanjaro. I really would like to climb the whole mountain one day. 🙂


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