Lasting Impressions

Just a bit more than 4 weeks ago when leaving for Africa I thought I knew what to expect and what the next month would be like.  If I had to grade the accuracy of my expectations to reality I would give them a “D”.  As high as my expectations were, my experience went far beyond.

The first lasting impression I have is the generosity of the teaching staff at Tetra Lutheran.  They took us out for roasted goat last Friday, on the last day of school they presented us with gifts and a prepared a special lunch to tell us goodbye.  It is not something that I would expect from a group of people that even though they have a respectable profession, most do not earn enough to keep a personal bank account open.

The second lasting impression would be the sincere love and fondness of the students for us.  On the last day at school we spent hours playing, talking, and saying goodbye to the students.  While I thought the 3 hours would be enough, the goodbyes could have lasted twice that long, as every student wanted a hug and to personally say goodbye.  The general conversation that I had when saying goodbye was only one word, “tutonana”.


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