Lasting Impressions

So I’ve been doing some reflecting the last couple days knowing that our last day was coming up.  Today is our last day and I have to admit that I still can’t fully wrap my head around everything that has happened.  You try your best throughout the trip to appreciate and take in everything as you go, but it feels like you really can’t fully appreciate everything until the last day and even more so when you get back home.

I have learned so much from here though.  I think the biggest take away for me is the confidence I gained in the classroom and realizing that lessons won’t always go as planned.  I like to be well prepared in everything I do, so the fact that I made this realization and accepted it is a huge accomplishment.  I now feel ready for teaching assisting! 

As far as lasting impressions?  The biggest lasting impression that I will forever have is the people here.  The children that we taught this month are so smart, funny, and caring.  The teachers as well are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  And even though the vendors can be a bit overbearing, they are really nice once you get to know them.  The thing that gets me the most is that we are in a third world country, where people have many reasons to be sad or depressed, and everyone seems happy.  I think that they choose to be happy, which is so refreshing to see.  In America we see a lot of unhappy people and yet they have everything they need. 

As most people know, the motto here is “hakuna matata” which means “no problem”.  They really do live by this philosophy…even though there are many problems and worries here.  I think I will miss that outlook once I get back to America, where everyone seems to have “problems” and “worries”.    


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