Heres to you Afrika!

To try and put this experience into words is impossible. No amount of description or number of pictures could portray the amazing journey I had in Africa. It seems like just a minute ago I was nervously waiting to find out if I got accepted for the program or not and then with a blink of an eye it’s the day I leave and I’m fighting to make it through writing this reflection without any more tears! The smells, the sounds, the animals, the nature, the sights, and especially the people and the children have all contributed to making this month incredible. To have been giving this opportunity is life changing and will always be.

Anyone on this trip could back me up when I say my most favorite part was definitely the children… especially because they all had to witness my breakdown on Thursday when talking about having to say goodbye! My days at school were my favorite out of every amazing thing we did while here. To work side by side with the children and the teachers was a once in a lifetime opportunity. At school I was challenged and thrown into situations that made me have to think quickly on my feet and to be flexible. The first week was a little difficult to adjust to, but by the second week I already felt as though I belonged and that I was really making a difference with the children. That is probably what gets me the most… the impact I had on the children and how much they appreciated my being there and being their teacher. They showed me so much love and appreciation. However, what they didn’t realize is their impact on me. They were my very first class, my very first students. They showed me what being a teacher is all about and truly made me realize this is really what I want to be. I hope to feel half as significant to my future American students as I do to my students in Africa.

This experience will be talked about for years and year and for even longer than that. When you stop and think about how crazy it is that when something truly impacts your life as much as this experience has mine, it is then that you can sincerely appreciate it for all its worth. This opportunity and all of the memories I have made from it was nothing shy of incredible. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it… expect that fact that we have to leave after one short month. That being said it only took one month to impact me as much as it did and affect me life the way it has and I will forever be grateful for that.

Nakupenda Afrika 


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