Lasting Impressions

It will be difficult to differentiate between my “final” blog and the “final” blogs of my classmates, and for that, I do not apologize. The conflict that is present in my heart has only been emphasized by the lamentations of my new friends, both mzungu (white) and Tanzanian. Disbelief and denial are two words that come close to adequately describing our reactions to leaving this paradise. The sweetness of reuniting with loved ones is tainted with the bitter acceptance of a new separation; separation from a culture which has molded us into, what I believe to be, more compassionate, knowledgeable individuals. I find myself wishing for more time here, but the familiarity of home. It’s uncomfortable to find oneself torn in two. I pray that the work we have done here, the relationships we have started, and the experiences we have shared continue to shape us even when we are a world away. I know that I have been blessed to have partaken in this journey and I cannot encourage others enough to hop on a plane and give this paradise a try themselves.


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