Kilimanjaro Part Two

I was not sure that I was going to go on the hike at first. I did not think that everyone would want to go on a five hour hike. I have a bad knee and was worried about it. Once I found out that mostly everyone was going, I decided to go. That way, I would be able to say that I climbed part of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the tallest single mountain in the world. One thing that we did that I did not know I was going to do is that we had to carry our lunches and water up. I only grabbed one big water bottle because I knew that I would not drink that much.

The climb up took less time than expected. I was in the last group because I wanted to pace myself and my knee was hurting. It was totally worth it though. I also got a little dizzy toward the top. It took us about  two and a half hours when it was expected to take three hours. I climbed by myself a lot of the hike because the people in front of me were too fast, and the people behind me were a little bit too slow for my liking. I loved how green it was, and the path was pretty nice. I liked how we were in the shade so we did not have to worry about getting sun burned. It was cool so I ended up putting on my hooded shirt. It was a weird feeling to be cold and be sweating at the same time.

On the way down, I tagged along in the back again. I had a good chat with Teacher Kristin on the way back, and that was enjoyable. It was a little bit hard on my knee on the way down. I managed to slip twice and fell once on each leg. Once we got back, some of the group was looking at the waterfall, so I just relaxed. On our way down to the vehicle, there was a boy who was holding a lizard and wanted me to take a picture of it. We gave him some food, and he seemed to like that. Overall, I think that it was a great experience and I got some good photos. It was also fun to see the crater. The change of scenery was amazing.


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