Final and Lasting Impressions

I really, really, really enjoyed this trip. I enjoyed it so much. I do not want to leave. I wish I could stay here. I think my final impression that will stick with me is when I said goodbye to my students. Right before I left it went to all happy and playing tug of war to many, many tears. It was so sad. I had a group of girls hugging me all crying. There was a boy that was making fun of them, which I did not like. I did not want to cry. It took everything in my power not to. I think that then it really hit me how much a big deal it is for us to be there. We mean so much to them.

This past week I have adopted a little pack of standard one students or first grade students. One of my standard five or fifth grade boys has two little sisters that I met, and the one in standard one looks just like him. They are so cute. So, they were tagging along with me for my final days and fighting over holding my hand. I have many lasting impressions. Most of my memories are from the schools because I have spent so much time there.

About four teachers had asked if I would like to go to dinner with them and the rest of  the American teachers at Prime Primary School. We were supposed to get together, but we ran out of time. I was also supposed to give one of the teachers my contact information, but he never came to see me, so I was unable to. The teachers are also so happy that we are teaching with them. Everyday we come back from a trip, the teachers would say that they missed me. They are just so sweet.

The last day of school with the kids was definitely a great one. We led assembly and did silly dance moves with the kids. My class helped me put up signs that said Miss Meagan will miss you all. I then listed all of their names and wrote that they were all awesome. I handed them letters and American coins. I gave them envelops if they wanted to send something to me along with my home and school address. I gave the class as a whole three books. We danced to the cupid shuffle. We moved all the desks to make a dance floor and even took turns at one point. We also played this circle game where one person is in the middle and says their name and something they have never done, and if they have done it, the move to another spot. There are spots marked with shoes, and there are one less amount of shoes than their are players. I let some students use my camera to take photos and videos. Towards the end of class time, my camera got dropped and is sort of broken. I think it can be fixed and I did not want to students to worry about it. I knew that it was an accident. I have accident protection on the camera and it is new.

While we were playing the game, one student thought it was too loud and I guess another student was not listening to him when he said to quiet down, so without my permission he went to tell a teacher. The teacher said to be quiet. When I confronted him why he left without permission and why he did not come to me first, he started walking away and kept talking to him. Apparently he felt sick, and he started crying or tearing up. I felt so bad, and I told him that I was not mad and that I was just asking a question and next time to come to me first and ask before he goes somewhere. I then made him give me a hug and told him not to be sad. We had tea time or break next. After break we had a tug of war contest. After that we said our goodbyes. I made all the students I could find give me a hug. One student that I was very close to never said goodbye to me, and I am pretty sure her bus left early, and it was too hard for her to say goodbye because she would be so sad. She almost cried on Monday. Three of my students were absent on my last day, so I am happy that I was able to get a whole class photo the day before. I have really enjoyed my trip, and I would LOVE to do it again. I will miss it here and the people and students here dearly.


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