On Top of the World

We finally achieved our dream of summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro…almost. Halfway counts, right? The trails were beautiful as we climbed, surrounded by green forest, trickling streams, and people I’ve grown to consider my brothers and sisters. I cherished the time we had together, even as my legs grew sore from the climb. Upon arrival at the first hut, we enjoyed eating lunch in a cloud. It was both amazing and a bit chilly. We huddled for warmth so no worries. The hike back down was uneventful (at least as uneventful as a hike down a mountain can be), but we did manage to make a quick stop at a waterfall, leaving just enough time for the crazy ones (*cough* Devin *cough* Sam) to take a dip in the frigid pool. Now that I’ve had a taste of the mountain, I must come back and complete the journey. Hopefully the rest of my awesome group can join me!


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