Kilimanjaro Round 2

We came. We saw. We Conquered… half of it. 

After our first visit to Kilimimanjaro in which we were unable to climb the mountain, mountain, mountain I did not think that we’d ever be able to find time to come back and do a day climb. One night last week before Devin, Nick, and I fell asleep Devin said to Nick and I, “Do you think there would be anyway to talk Lisa into letting us do I day climb?” My initial response was there is no way. Our time in Tanzania has been very valuable and almost all of it has been scheduled for us. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up in the morning and Lisa asked me if I thought anyone would be interested in a day hike. I immediately said yes.

The drive to the mountain seemed to take forever. You can see the mountain almost the entire way and it seems so close, but it takes about two and a half hours. Jeremy and I are convinced though that if we just drove the bus through the cornfields we could make in an hour and half. After an impatient ride we were once again at the entrance gate to Mount Kilimanjaro, this time we were ready to climb. 

The climb up was tiring, you have the urge to look around but if you don’t watch your step you will fall. We made it up to the first stop, nearly 9000 feet, in a little over two 2 hours and had lunch. After lunch we visited a crater on the side of the mountain where you got a great look at the peak and an amazing view of the Tanzania/Kenyan Border. I just makes you feel so small looking down from that high up. Sadly that would be the highest point of our trip.

The way down I took it slow. I listened to my music and took time to look around a lot more. The vegetation on the low part of the mountain is so lush and beautiful. There are also little waterfalls of mountain spring all around you, which are just so cool. My favorite part of the climb down was stopping right near the start of the trail to go a very large waterfall on the side of the mountain. Only a few of us went down to the falls, and Devin and I got into the water for a nice photo shoot.

Climbing up Kilimanjaro may be a once and a lifetime experience, but I have to say after climbing almost half way up and staring at the peak it really makes you want to summit it. It will be my dream and goal to return and conquer the mountain for real.


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