This past weekend we went to the Mulala Village and camped in Mama Anna’s back yard in tents. On our way to the village on Saturday we first stopped at the Arusha National Park and did a walking safari tour. Unfortunately, the only things we saw were buffalo and lots of ants which proceeded to bite many of us! The walking tour was really beautiful! It was basically all up hill (which was good practice for our upcoming hike of Mt. Kilimanjaro). It was extremely hot during our tour but everything we saw made the exhaustion worth it!

Once we got to Mama Anna’s house on Saturday, I think Mama Anna gave us the best greeting we could have possibly gotten here in Africa. As we were getting out of our cars she came out of her house singing and dancing towards us. She kept singing and dancing until she ended up close enough to someone to wrap her arms around them and give them the absolute biggest hug! She was singing a song that all of us knew which made it even more fun because we got to sing and dance along with her. After dinner we all went up to where our tents were set up and had a campfire. One of the safari drivers told us the story of his first safari drive to the Serengeti with clients and I think it’s important to mention that it was his first trip to the Serengeti EVER! During the campfire many people told stories which led to lots of laughs being shared.

Sunday was packed full with so many different things for us to do! After breakfast we went on another hike to a couple different viewpoints which were absolutely beautiful. Once we arrived back at Mama Anna’s our guide taught us about stingless bees and the honey that they make. The families in the Mulala Village take a part of a tree that is about 3 or 4 feet long and hollow it out. They create an entrance point for the bees and then seal it together, leaving it out for the bees to come into. Soon after making this, the bees will come and start to make their hive within the tree and along with that lots and lots of honey! Our guide opened up one of the trees for us and allowed us to see the bee hive on the inside and then let us taste the honey! This was by far the most delicious honey I have ever eaten! After eating honey, we got to learn about how coffee is made. We we able to roast the coffee beans as well which I thought was one of the best parts because I am an avid coffee drinker. After learning how to walk, or attempting to walk I should say, with bananas on our heads we had to say goodbye to Mama Anna and head back home. This weekend was filled with so much laughter, singing and dancing! I think all of us ended up wanting to bring Mama Anna home with us! She really made this weekend so much fun (except for being woken up by cows and goats at 6am!) It truly was an outstanding experience!


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