Final Impressions of Tanzania

I am forcing myself to write this blog post right now, even though it is the last thing I want to even think about. I do not want to make myself believe that this trip is over in three days. I am going to miss everything about Tanzania and the wonderful friends that I have made here! From Lisa, the GVSU students, Lutheran Tetra students, Lutheran Tetra teachers, the Safari makers, Outpost employees and just random friends I made on the streets, it is going to be very difficult to say goodbye. Something I am not looking forward to at ALL.

My favorite three things about this trip:
1. The safari, obviously. The lions were my absolute favorite, then elephants, then giraffes. The only animal I did not like was the black mamba that we saw. I still get anxiety thinking about that creepy crawler.

2. The food! The soup and ice cream at the Outpost and the Hawaiian Twist pizza are going to have to be shipped to me in America.

3. The soccer(football) game against the Safari Makers. This part was so much fun and I scored the only goal! Which is an added bonus, especially with this dumb ankle of mine.

What I am going to miss most:
1. The friendly people! Tanzanians are the greatest.

2. Lutheran Tetra and my standard 5 students! I will miss them so much and will remember them forever. The letters that they wrote me made me so happy and so sad to be leaving them. One of them said, “You are leaving us alone.” Which broke my heart. Hopefully I will someday be able to return.

3. The Dala Dala. I know that is very shocking, but it was such a wonderful cultural experience and I will definitely miss it. I got a tshirt that my friend Kelsey found that says, “I survived the Dala Dala in Tanzania.” Let me tell you, riding and surviving the Dala Dala was an accomplishment. šŸ™‚

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience Tanzania! I will miss you too too too much!

Hakuna Matata šŸ™‚


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