This weekend was a blast! We got to meet Mama Anna and she was so nice and friendly! When we first arrived she started singing the song that goes, “Jambo! Jambo bwana, habari gani, nzuri sana, wageni…” This was the song that we learned before we left and it made us so happy to hear her singing it.

We did so many different things this weekend! We first ate a very big feast that Mama Anna made for us and it was delicious. We then set our campsite up and sat by the fire to tell ghost stories. The night ended pretty early because we knew we had a busy day the next day! It was my very first time camping out and I loved it!

The next day we started with breakfast, which was just as wonderful as dinner. After that we went on a hike and saw some different view points. Baba (sir) shared many different stories and told us about all of the different plants that could be made into medicines. We also made coffee, carried bananas on our heads, danced to many different songs, and tasted honey that we cracked open out of a log! I saw many new and different things this weekend at Mama Anna’s house and was able to experience Meru culture! I am so thankful to have had this experience. 🙂



Here is a picture of me making coffee!


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