School Moments

Monday the 20th I was prepared to teach my students find the missing number for addition and subtraction. I was also going to try something that my students have never done before. I wanted to try and give students a word problem dealing with finding the missing the number. I was prepared for students to not understand because I knew this would be way out of their box. I gave them this problem: “I have 8 pencils. There are 12 people in the class. How many more pencils do I need?” I wanted students to tell me that 8 + a number =12. I had students come up to the front of the class and actually hold the pencils in the math problem. We left an empty space between the 8 and the 12 because we needed another number there. It was really hard for them to grasp the concept of counting up. They only know to “cut” or take away. They always use sticks to either add or subtract. So I wanted to really try and get them to count up instead of “cutting sticks”. They did struggle with this but I am so glad that I did this problem with them so they could see something different.

Tuesday and Wednesday we did the same thing with find the missing number but I just gave them problems instead of another word problem. They did really well and I am so glad that I concentrated on find the missing number with subtraction because that is what they have the most trouble with.

Also on Wednesday, I tried a very sweet food at tea time that my teacher brought me. It is called visheti. It is almost like a small donut that is covered in sugar. It was so good but very filling! My math teacher, Rehma, also taught me a cheer that they say when they are really excited about something. They say “werra werra” and wave! It was so fun seeing them do this and they wanted me to do it as well!

Thursday was a busy day for me. I taught all morning and then one class after tea. I taught math in two classes and science in two classes as well. In science, I did an activity to help students learn how you can and can not get HIV/AIDS. I cut out construction paper cards and wrote one way you can or cannot get HIV/AIDS on each card and passed them out to each student. They had to read their card aloud and then tell me if that was a way you can or cannot get HIV/AIDS. They loved participating and holding those cards. It was different from what they normally do because my activity didn’t involve copying down work on the board. We just talked about it and afterwards they wrote down homework. My teacher fully enjoyed my lesson and really learned a lot from me about HIV/AIDS as well. In math, I still did more review with finding the missing number with subtraction and addition. Many of my students did such a better job with their work.

Friday was just a review day for math on addition, subtraction, and finding the missing number. Friday is also sports day and this time I was able to stay and play with many of the students. They were playing soccer, jumping rope, running, and playing catch. I wanted to play catch with some of the students so I threw the ball up in the air and they would all try and catch it. I loved seeing their smiling faces when they caught the ball.

Today, Monday the 27th, was a great day as well. In the morning, I had the privilege of going to my teachers school that she built and started at her house. She took me to her home and walked around with me and showed me everything. Her school was only two rooms so far with only 10 students. It was such a good experience to see her school and to see her plans of building a bigger school. I also received a dress that my teacher made me. She took my measurements about a week ago and she made it that fast! It is such a beautiful gift and I will always remember my teacher. I am so grateful for her!

This past week went really well and I am getting so sad that this week is my last week here in Africa. I am going to miss my students so much but I know they will really succeed because my teacher has learned a lot from me.


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