Things I Have Learned So Far (Part II)

Wow. We’ve been here almost three weeks and I’m supposed to condense everything I have learned into a simple blog post. Prepare yourselves people. 

For starters, the differences between American schools and Tanzanian schools is obviously the biggest thing we get to observe on a daily basis. From the differences in instruction time. To the scheduling of classes, everything in America is just more structured. As an observer here we are able to learn so much about how lucky we are as teachers in America. Even when we feel we don’t have enough…we really have more than we need. We just need to be more creative with what we do have. 

Second, tracking your thoughts is so important on this trip. So many things happen at once and you have to be sure to write everything you can down so you don’t forget. This is definitely a skill I have been working on since I have been here, from reflecting on lesson plans to just the general flow of the day. I know that this is something that will be continually worked on during my student teaching semester as well. 

Third, Hakuna Matata. This phrase covers a wide range of life but it is something that we as teachers need to specifically learn. We are not always going to teach a perfect lesson. There will be countless times when we have students fail our class. Students may drop out or may fall asleep in class. There may be times when it seems nothing is going right. But as teachers, Hakuna Matata, each day is a day to improve upon yourself. And as long as you are a better teacher than the day before…you’re doing pretty alright in my book. 

Fourth, this country cannot be experienced in a month. Everyday I am finding more and more things I wish I had time to do. And all that really tells me is that I will be back soon to experience more of it. This country is so rich in culture it makes me jealous living in America where we sometimes take culture for granted. 


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