The Things i have Learned so far

What I’ve learned so far is that Tanzania is beautiful. Not only is the scenery amazing but so are the people. From the second we got here people have been great to us. At first I thought the people on the street were only friendly to us because we are Muzungus (White People), but now I see the same people on the street and they no longer try to sell me things they just say what’s up. Tanzania prides itself on being a polite, and everyone has been nothing but polite. I must say though no one has been better than our teachers and student.


I’ve learned that you can leave your home and still find a family. At Sekei it really feels like a family. We have our fellow teachers how seem like brothers, sisters, and fathers to us now. We joke around with each other and call each other names, but we have also learned so much from each other. They ask us tons of questions about the United States, politics, and English. While we’ve learned so much Swahili and facts about Tanzania from them. It’s been an awesome relationship with learning happening on both sides. Then we have the students, who are amazing and so full of potential. We are growing closer to our form 3 students everyday. They are so smart, they pay attention, and they ask questions. I have enjoyed getting to learn many things from them, and I really hope I’ve taught them a little geography as well.


The people at Sekei are not the only family I have here though. Prior to this trip all of us students were pretty much strangers. We may have had a class together at some time, or met each other at a party but now its safe to say we all know a little bit about each other. It feels like a family, we care about each other, make jokes, laugh, and have a good time together. We are having an experience of a lifetime together and I think we all know that, and the fact that we all get along makes it even better.


It’s crazy to think that we have less than two weeks left here in Tanzania. I’ve learned about tons of animals out on safari. I’ve learned about Tanzanian tribes (Masaai and Chagga), culture, and history. I’ve learned to not be afraid or nervous in front of a class, and how to lesson plan. Tanzania has taught me so much and I wish we had more than a month to help teach these students, as well as teachers. I can only hope they will remember us and that we’ve made some sort of impression on their lives, because I know in this short time they’ve had an impression on mine. Out of everything that I’ve learned so far though there is one thing that I know, I’m going to miss it here.


P.s The Lenana Resort has the best BBQ in Arusha


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