Mt. Kili!

This past weekend we did a LOT. But, I honestly would not want it any other way. Getting to experience Tanzania as much as I can during our month stay is what I came here for and if that means tunneling through a 17th century Chagga cave and trying banana beer then sign me up! 

We arrived Saturday afternoon to the town Marangu located on the foothills of Mt.Kilimanjaro. The difference between Marangu and Arusha was evident. It was a side of Tanzania that I had not seen before. Arusha is bustling with cars, motorcycles, dala dalas, and people, whereas Marangu was easy-going and peaceful. Seeing Mt. Kilimanjaro in person I think awestruck our entire group. We all had this moment like, “We are here. In Tanzania. Right by Mt. Kilimanjaro. At this moment.” 

Visiting the traditional Chagga hut was an eye opener to say the least. Seeing a hut the size of, what would be a tool shed in America, that fits two people, a cow, a calf, and goats really makes you think about what you actually do need in life. In America our houses are where we spend a lot of our time but for the owners of this hut it is a place to sleep and rest and the outdoors is where your time is spent. Also, the fact that this man had built his own house was really amazing. Another awesome thing about this part of our trip were the children. These children were the grandchildren of the man who had built the house we had visited. And boy could they get down and dance!

My favorite thing about this trip was definitely the waterfall. Now, you may be thinking, “Oh, they got to see some pretty waterfall and took a lot of pictures by it.” We got to go IN the waterfall! It started out with everyone wading in the water beside the waterfall and slowly Sam went full blast under the water! After that, we all decided we’re only in Tanzania once (but hopefully not) so we might as well! Being able to swim by and in a waterfall, for me, seemed only to happen in movies but this was my life and it was actually happening. The feeling of being alive and free actually succumbs you and you just want more and more. A great way to end our trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro.



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