Mountain, Mountain, Mountain

Waking up the morning of going to Mount Kilimanjaro I was so excited! This had only ever been a place I had learned about in school or seen in really cool pictures, so to be going there was awesome! My favorite part was definitely hanging out with the kids we met going to the Chaaga hut and taking pictures with them and dancing with music. Seeing the mountain was obviously very cool, but of course the children stole the show 🙂

As well as hiking to a spot to experience a beautiful scene of the mountain we also hiked to a waterfall where many of us jumped right in! This was so cool! How many people can say they have been in a waterfall right next to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa?! It was a wonderful experience, especially to have experienced it with the people I did and the way I did.

Another thing that was very unique about this weekend was Saturday night. Saturday night after a day full of fun and adventure, we had a bonfire back at the hotel and sang songs and danced with the hotel staff! They were awesome and brought out a guitar and we swapped between them signing their favorite songs and us sharing American songs. This will definitely be a part of the trip that will always stand out to me as one of my favorite experiences!


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