Between walking around town during the week, the four day safari last weekend, and the Massi village trip to come I was prepared to not see too much beside Mount Kilimanjaro during our hiking weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I was very excited to see the tallest mountain in Africa but I figured that it wouldn’t be my favorite weekend adventure. We did get to see the base of the mountain and our guides for the weekend walked us through the process that hikers have to go through before they can start their climb.

That night we had multiple games of euchre, which has come to be a staple when we don’t have lessons to plan. We were able to get to know the staff at the Babylon Lodge better than any other place we have stayed. Some of us decided to sit by the bon fire and sing songs with them starting with our respective countries national anthems. I am proud to say that we all know the words to The Star Spangled Banner. It continued with different song, most by American artists and a few created on the spot.

At the start of Sunday it seemed like the campfire and sing-a-long would be the highlights of my weekend, minus some inside nerd jokes about fish sticks. I quickly found out that I was wrong. One of the first places we went was Marangu Falls Kinukamori. Looking at it from the top was pretty but our adventures sides dared us to try and cross over the stones or calculate if we could jump over and survive. Before any of us were able to test it our guides lead us on to the next site to see. We passed through a spiraling, stone stairwell covered with sticks, making our sunglasses obsolete. At the end of the tunnel we discovered we were at the bottom of the waterfall admiring the perch we had just been on. It took only moments for shoes and socks to be removed and few of us to venture in the cold water. Most of the students went swimming, but just a few only got their feet wet.

Wet cloths and all we migrated to our next stop. Knowing we were going to a blacksmith didn’t arouse excitement in anyone. Once we got there we found out that we would actually have the chance to keep the fire going that was heating the metal; some of the guys were able to try to hammer the metal. With our nearly purchases spears we head back to the cars, back to Arusha to see what the next week would bring.


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