Things I have learned so far

With the trip already half over stopping to think about things that I have learned so far is really helping me to realize how much this experience has taught me.  The amount of lecture and meeting time in which I would have needed to be thoroughly prepared for this trip would not have been practical.  From the different personalities to the school and commerce systems here in Arusha, I am learning things that people who have never been here will probably not be able to learn.


Tanzania’s greatest asset, the people would be hard to describe in a within a novel.  Tanzanian’s who may be looking for their next meal or business connection or citizens just wanting a couple minutes of your time to know about you, sprawl the city streets from sun up to sun down.  I have learned that millions of people can coexist for the most part, despite different languages, tribal backgrounds and dire economic situations in a downtown in which you could count the traffic signals on both hands.


The opportunity to teach here has taught me how resilient teenagers can be when facing an uphill battle.  Students here look forward to the privilege to take notes and learn something that they did not know the day before.


Outside of the things native to Tanzania that I have learned, is what a great group of people I am here with on this trip with.


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