I really enjoyed my time this weekend going to Mount Kilimanjaro. Even though we did not hike very much or far up Kilimanjaro, I had a good time. I have asthma and a bad knee. I had a sore throat today as well. I had a torn meniscus last semester, so I am completely fine that we did not go on a five hour hike. I like that we did got to hike and see the waterfall. I loved going in the water, but when we got really close to the fall, it was hard to breathe. Also, I was not smart enough to take my phone out of my pocket before going under, so my phone got water damage. I am not sure if it will be recovered, but it is sitting in dry rice right now drying off. If the rice does not work, my dad is an engineer and has recovered some phones from water damage today, so I am thankful for that. It was totally worth it though. I am getting an upgrade on my phone soon anyway. Now I will get it sooner rather than later.  Also, with going into the water, I did not like having wet clothes when I got out. I was rather cold.

I enjoyed the place that we stayed at, but there was not really any hot water. I took a shower Sunday morning, and the hot side did not have any water coming out, so I slightly turned the cold knob, and it was slightly warm water, so I used that. I forgot to put the mosquito netting down before I went to bed, but I did not get bit. The beds were really comfortable, and the pillows. I did enjoy the food, although it was weird that there was not that much variety of food. I loved the bonfire. I think our group really bonded. Most of us were out there singing and we got to know some of the workers. One worker was playing the guitar, and it had a missing string, but still sounded amazing.

I liked seeing the hut on Saturday and the kids. I love how there are always so many kids just hanging out every place that we go. You do not see that in America. Most parents probably think it is not safe for kids to be out on the streets like that. I love how everyone here is so friendly.I thought it was awesome that Hannah brought out her phone and played a song for the kids to dance to. I grabbed a little girl’s hand and we were sort of dancing. After the music was done, she was just hanging onto my hand. She was so sweet.  I sort of felt like a wedding crasher, but enjoyed hearing all of the noise from the two weddings and everyone dressed up and decorated cars. The coffee was really good, and I did not know that coffee beans were white. When we went to take photos of Mount Kilimanjaro, it did not seem as big or tall as I expected it to be, but it was funny that there was snow on the tip. The lunch was good both times. I liked the soups. The blacksmith’s place was pretty cool, and the banana beer was interesting, but I did not like it too much because I do not like beer. I also enjoyed seeing the cave or tunnel. I have been to a cave in Germany, but it was much, much larger. Overall, I had a great trip, and I think the next group should go here as well. The guides and drivers were are super nice. It was also amazing to hear that the man who was a guide and was buried lived to be 126 years old. I think that is what I heard. Either way, I hope I am blessed to live that long.035


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