What an amazing adventure we just returned from! I did not know what to expect when we first left for the safari, but I was very pleased. Since Arusha was so different from what I was picturing before getting here, I thought the safari would be different as well. But was I surprised. Everything looked like the pictures; open plains full of grass with spurts of animals within.

During the safari my van group rode with Moses, one of the drivers. As we were driving to the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti he was sharing as much information as he could about Tanzania and all of the animals that we were seeing. It was almost like a mini history class for us, which was great. I learned so much from him, such as there are over 2 million animals that take part in the Great Migration each year. The first full day of the safari I was not feeling well, so I did not attend it, but I jumped right back in the second day when we went to the Ngorongoro Crater.

At the crater we saw the “Big Five” animals: rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard. This was the first day of seeing most of these animals for me since the others saw them the day before, but it was still amazing! When we first got to the crater we drove to the one forest area there and saw a herd of about 50 elephants grazing. Our driver said that he had never seen that many in one area before. Also, there are only about 30 rhinos within the crater and our group was lucky enough to see two of them. This experience was one of the best in my life and I cannot be thankful enough to have been able to come on this trip.


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