I just got back from a 4 day safari adventure and it was UNREAL! My experience was seriously indescribable. I am blown away at the majesty of our King!! I am left speechless by the beauty of the Serengeti, Ngoragora Crater and wildlife! I don’t know of any other adventure that I can take that will top this experience.

Here is the breakdown of our weekend 🙂

We left for the Serengeti Saturday morning. This was quite a long trip but we passed through the Ngoragora crater and did a bit of a game drive! I was so surprised to see the difference in environment between the Crater and the Serengeti. The crater looked more like a jungle forest. With lots of greenery and palm trees. It was very tropical. And then we went to the Serengeti where it seriously was the Lion King. Tall grasses, random rocks and acacia trees galore. We stayed at the Serena Serengeti Lodge right in the heart of the Serengeti. Right in the heart of the Serengeti. Where leopards, wildebeest, cheetahs and such pass through the property. This was wild! The lodge was incredible!!! Our rooms were little huts that were made out of grass roofs and solid wood. It was something that Hobbits would live in. Our view from our room overlooked the Serengeti where we were able to see a heard of elephants with our binoculars 🙂 Breathtaking!

I have to admit, the best part of this lodge was not only that we had super clean rooms but also we had awesome showers! The shower head was seriously a foot in diameter and it was HOT!! This was delightful 🙂 The food there was also top notch, especially because it was a buffet that catered to the americans. There was tons of potato choices were defiantly a nice change since I have been eating rice all day everyday. At night they had a acrobat show that was so legit. They but cirque de soleil to shame. I sat in the very front row and they got up close and personal. One man did a routine that ended with him doing a handstand on top of a wood table, two chairs, a board and 3 bricks on each side of his hands standing on their sides. All while doing a head stand. He was about oh…25 feet. To make this even more extreme. He quickly through the bricks to the side (so they fell on the ground) and he was still standing on his hands. Blew my mind! Haha Since we were living in little huts, we needed a guide to walk us from the main lodge to our rooms at night. This is because we are IN THE WILD where wild animals just roamed. One of our guides said that the night prior, he saw a leopard and her two cubs around rooms 5-15, and we were room 47 haha this hotel gets some action. However, our guides are not equipped with the best defenses mechanisms. All that they have his a jumbo metal flashlight to shine in the animals eyes. I guess that is all that it takes between death and life haha. Actually, our awesome safari driver Moses, spotted the leopard probably 100 yards from our room the next morning. It was crazy cool! For the next two days we explored the Serengeti! We got up close and personal to a bout 2 million zebra and wildebeest. We witnessed the Great Wildebeest migration where tons and tons of wildebeest head to the southern plains I believe, and the zebra tag along 🙂 There were miles and miles of zebra and wildebeest. We drove right through them all. We also saw lions, leopards, cheaters, impala, dicdic’s, elephants, giraffes (my favorite) and nasty baboons.

On the third day we left at 6:30 for an early morning game drive and made our way to our lodge at the Crater. Again, this lodge was breathtaking as well!! Our view overlooked the Crater where we could see flamingos in the water 🙂 We were also in love with the showers since they had water pressure! My hair has never felt so clean since I have gotten here!! These two lodges were seriously 5 star places. I was so spoiled and didn’t know what to do. Our waiter put napkins on our laps for us during our meals, the bell hop guy wouldn’t let us pick up our bags…and we never knew weather or not we had to tip haha During our safari ride in the crater the next morning we were able to see some rhinos from afar. This was a pretty cool thing since rhinos are becoming extinct and are only pretty much found in the crater. We also spotted 1 Mufasa and his lioness’s. One of the lionesses apparently got a kill, and as we were driving up she was laying in the shade of another safari vehicle that was watching the scene. It was crazy!!

This whole four day adventure was unbelievable and unreal! I still cant believe that I was in the heart of the Serengeti seeing all of these animals that we have only seen in the National Geographic photos, like the famous picture of the hippo pool and the lake with all of the flamingos…yep I got to see those in real life!! It was wild!! I highly recommend everybody to take this safari adventure! The places that we stayed at were soooo wonderful and accommodating and the safari drivers were such a hoot and knowledgeable. I learned so much about the wild! Haha

Well now I am back in Arusha preparing for the next 3 days of teaching then I will be off to another adventure, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 🙂


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