First Day of School! :)

During breakfast all I could think of was Nemo jumping on his dad saying, “First day of school, first day of school!” We had the mandatory first day of school photo in all of our new cloths. As we started the up hill climb to meet our guides, I realize how spoiled I am with the bus that drives me around campus and Grand Rapids. On the walk to school I became acutely aware of my nerves about teaching for the first time. The rain, thankfully, held off till we got to our school. We first met with the headmaster of the primary school, who is strikingly similar to Master Shifu, from Kung Fu Panda, in both personality and physical appearance. After he informed us briefly of our schedule while we are here he took us to the head master of the secondary school. I was very relived that the first day was dedicated to simply observing the teachers and the students!

One thing that is different in the schools between American and Tanzania is what they call each grade level. In secondary they have Form 1 through Form 6, but at Prime Secondary School (where I will be teaching) they only have Form 1-4. Mr. Domenick, who teaches Form 2 math and Form 1/3 physics gave us a quick tour of the school and then let us sit in on his math class. From watching Mr. Domenick I grew very excited to be the one in front of the class.

I am beginning to realize just how many differences there are between American schools and schools in Tanzania. One thing that stood out to me the most was how much the students paid attention to what Mr. Domenick and I had to say. Also, I became aware from watching the students how quickly they grasped the material. It is easy to see they have a great desire to learn and that is something compelling to watch. I am very excited to see what all the month brings!


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