First Day of School

I was so nervous the first day of school that I wanted to throw up. We didn’t know if we would be observing or teaching and if we were teaching, we didn’t know what we would be teaching. When we opened the gate to our school, Assumption, the kids (all 300 of them) we’re running together around the whole playground in a circle. We then walked to the headmaster’s office to get everything figured out.

After we introduced ourselves to the headmaster, we had a good 45 seconds of awkward silence before someone finally said “we’re here to teach”. Apparently she forgot we were coming. A few minutes later we were taken to our classroom and as soon as we walked in the students said “Good morning teacher, how are you?” We stood there in amazement and I’m not even sure we responded. Luckily, we weren’t asked to teach right away and we went to the back and sat to observe.

Observing was such a cool experience. I’ve observed classrooms in the U.S. so it was really cool to compare and contrast the two. One thing that is obviously different is that they use corporal punishment. It was really hard to see. The kids, however, are really well behaved. We are in a first grade classroom and the kids have so much respect, sit quietly for the most part, and are really smart. The kids are so sweet and love all of the attention we give them. The best part has got to be the look on the kids’ faces when we say “good job”. They are so proud. I’m excited to see how teaching will go in the next couple weeks!


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