First day of school!!!

I was extremely nervous for the first day of school! I was waiting outside for our bus driver to pick us up five minutes early, anxiously awaiting his arrival. For one of the first times ever, I was the first one ready and was wishing everyone else would hurry up and get out there so we could take our first day of school picture. I am attending the Lutheran Primary school. Instead of calling them grades like we do in America, they are called standards. For example, 1st Grade would be called Standard 1.

The classroom I am paired with is called the BABY CLASS (this is how I always see it written). The students are ages three and four. Today in class we learned about the letter ‘i’ in English and the number ‘7’ in math. The babies for the most part can all understand and count to 20 and can say the sounds that each of the alphabet letters make. I am going to have to record the song that they sing about the alphabet because it is the cutest thing I have ever heard.

On the first day of school I also noticed two very big differences from American schools. First of all, they call me, “Teacher Abbi.” When the students really want my attention they say, “Teacha, Teacha.” This is not the usual Miss Sandweiss you would hear in the USA. Second, I had my first ever tea time. The tea tastes like a very sweet and creamy milk and is scalding hot. The Tanzanian teachers were just drinking away and my mouth was literally burning! It must be something that I will need to get used to, but they thought it was very funny. We also got these delicious rolls, like ones Americans would have on Thanksgiving. The teachers kept giving me more and I ended up eating three! I guess that makes up for the whole not having lunch thing… Overall today was a great first day of school here in Tanzania and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this month brings me!


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