First Impressions of Town

It was a crazy first day! We went to town and viewed all of the markets, ate lunch, and got congas. The markets were crazy. I have learned a lot of Swahili already from passing through Arusha. I now definitely know “Poli, Poli” (slowly, slowly), “Poa” (cool) and “Hapana, Asanti” (No, thank you). This last phrase had gotten plenty of use yesterday in the markets. All of the crafts were amazing and I saw so many things. I think I need to collect my thoughts and take it all in! 

I was very happy that our guide, Juma, was there with us. The city was a lot bigger and a lot more confusing that I originally thought it was going to be. Juma was given a hard time (jokingly) for leading around the “Mzungu” or white person. Everyone was extremely friendly and said thank you for coming and “Jambo!”. 

I found it very interesting that many of the people in town were still out and about even though it was pouring rain! The rain really did not seem to affect anyone as vendors and people roasting maize were under the building awnings outside. One thing that was really amazing to me was that as it started raining the vendor’s selling products changed from paintings to umbrellas. Overall, it was a great and overwhelming first day and I enjoyed every second of it!


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