First Impressions of the City

The first we went into town was Monday. It was such a different but amazing experience. The sounds, people, smells, and commotion of the town was so thrilling. I was just admiring everything and taking it all in. All of the cars and Dala Dalas drive on the different side…which freaked me out at first but I will eventually get used to that! They drive really fast and pass other cars whenever they want. The Dala Dalas are like taxis but they are vans that are loaded with however many people they can pick up! Sometimes we see people hanging out of the window trying to pick up others who need a ride. They will yell and whistle to see if someone needs a ride. I am lucky to go to the school that I go to because it is farther away and we get to ride the Dala Dalas home! All 8 of us get packed into the Dala Dalas and ride home!

There are tons and tons of people that are out on the streets walking, selling, and just hanging out. All of the people are so friendly and greetings are so important here. If we walk past someone and they greet us, we need to greet them back. I am getting better at greeting people in Swahili. We smile and wave and a lot of people are interested in us. They wonder where we come from and want to talk to us. The men here mostly are the ones hanging out or just relaxing on the street. The women are walking around with buckets on their heads that are full of either corn, beans, nuts, or bananas. There are women that are sitting on the side of the road with little fires with corn being roasted and other veggies. All of the women wear skirts. Another interesting thing about town is that we have seen a lot of Maasai mean walking around in their Shukas. They are wrapped in a cloth material that are usually red and blue.

Finally, town was actually overwhelming because of all of the people coming up to us trying to sell us items. We went to exchange money and then the town people were waiting for us outside of the exchange shop. They call the girls “sista” and just talk about how their items are so unique and special. I didn’t buy anything from them that day because I wanted to just admire the people and practicing my Swahili with them.

I just can’t believe that I am here in Africa and everyone is so friendly. I really love town and I love thinking about how different or similar it is to America. Overall, town is basically a huge shop where everyone is selling things in order to make a living.

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