First Impressions of Tanzania

Tanzania is EXTREME!  Holy smokes, the city is definitely not what I was expecting.  Actually this whole environment and atmosphere is not what I was expecting!  I was expecting there to be dirt roads, a pretty small quiet city…this was not the case!  Arusha reminded me of the streets in Honduras.  Where there were tons of people, people just standing around not doing a whole lot, trying to talk to you and SELL YOU things.  These salesmen are pretty extreme and it is extremely exhausting to continuously say ‘Hapana asante sana’.  They don’t take no very seriously and I guess being a westerner we don’t say no that harshly.  They also remember your face and name when it accidentally slipped.

Walking through the city was a little bit nerve racking to me for numerous reasons.  One reason is that the roads here should not be considered as holes.  There are tons of pot holes!  Actually, they are more like big pits all over the road.  In our first adventure into town, it was rainy.  Due to the rain and the pits in the roads, our eyes were mostly drawn to the road so we wouldn’t trip.  Also, there were so many men just standing on the side of the street watching us go by.  This was a bit nerve racking since I didn’t know much Swahili when they would say something to us.

My senses have been heightened by all of the new things.  From smells, sounds or sights, everything that I am taking in is new.  I am having so many different experiences and am so excited for what to come!


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