First Impressions of Tanzania

Jambo all the way from Arusha, Tanzania! What a trip it has been so far! After many hours of traveling we are finally here. We landed at Kilimanjaro Airport around 10 pm Tanzania time on Sunday night and following that got on a bus to drive to Arusha. The bus ride experience was quite a welcoming! Although it was at night, I took a lot from the experience. From the bus we could see and hear and smell all different things. We passed animals and people walking on the street, which gave us the feel that we were definitely someplace new.
Arriving at The Outpost Lodge, I was very impressed! Going to bed that night I could not wait to explore our new home and get a feel for where we would be living for a month. I woke up to a magical place! Not only was the lodge very clean and beautiful, the staff members are very friendly and definitely welcoming of our presence. The first day in Africa we spent time venturing out in Arusha. After enjoying lunch at The Blue Heron, which was so delicious, we traveled around town to a local market and a Conga shop. Shopping in Tanzania is definitely a new experience and one I wouldn’t ever be able to forget. The people are so concerned with your business they will follow you around town and more than once I was pulled in to a deal! At the Conga shop we experienced a power outage and it went dark while we were shopping. It was interesting to me how the locals just carried on about their business like it was something they were so used to. I can only imagine in America the chaos something like that would cause and it caused me to think about how we take advantage of our resources much too often at home.
Another thing I must talk about is the people of Arusha! Never have I felt an audience quite that large. Anywhere we went in town looks were directed our way. Not in a negative way though, much more of a wondering stare. The people were also very welcoming of us being there and many were willing to greet us as we walked passed them. Hearing Kiswahili everywhere was definitely a culture shock, but a pleasant one!
Can’t wait for more adventures!


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