First Impressions of School

My first impression of the school was awesome. I love how the entrance of the school is a gate. There are no other doors beside the classroom doors. Everything else is very open. It makes the school feel very free. When I first walked through the gate all of the students were parading around the grounds. It was great to see all the students at once. They all waved to us and said hi right away. Everyone there is very welcoming.
Going into the classroom for the first time was great. All of the students were super excited for us to be there. The first day I just observed the classroom. It was a very different style of teaching than what I am to seeing in the United States. The teacher uses a lot of repetition to teach students. Because there are limited supplies, students copy everything off the board. If they misbehave, the teacher will hit them with sticks. This is something I probably won’t get used to. However there are very few behavior problems in the classroom.
Something that really shocked me was the amount of students in one classroom. My class has 47 students. I thought if I had a class this big, I would not be able to handle it. But my teacher does a great job. If students do get a little loud, all the teacher has to do is tell them to be quiet and they are. I need to learn this trick still.

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