First Impressions

I think the first thing that I realized once we got here was how rainy and humid it is. Out of the time we have been here so far, today was the only day that it hasn’t rained at all. Most days it has rained or at least been cloudy for the majority of the day. It is also extremely humid which just does wonders for our hair! All of the humidity has been making me feel sticky at all times but it is so worth it!

Another thing I have noticed since we arrived was how unbelievably nice all of the people here are. Everyone you see on the streets always greet you and say hello or hold up their hands to give you a high five or at the very least stare or wave at you. We have a few guides who have shown us around town recently and who have helped us find our way to the schools in the morning and I feel so blessed to have met them. They are so helpful and love answering all of our questions.

Lastly, the Dala Dalas are quite the adventure! The group at my school has to ride the Dala Dalas back from every day since it is such a long ways away. They honestly make our bus system at home look so luxurious. The Dala Dalas are basically small vans that have a lot of small bench seats in which we have had to pack four of us into three seats. To say that riding them is an adventure just doesn’t seem to fully express it!

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