First Impressions

Getting off of the plane in Tanzania was a surreal moment for me. I could not fully comprehend that I was in a different country, let alone Africa. The drive to the Outpost was so dark, which also did not help me think that I am here.  I have always dreamed to visit Africa and still I cannot believe that I am here and teaching these kids.

When I used to think of Africa, I thought of open plains with animals roaming or flat land with little villages scattered through out. I did not think of cities that are busy and with a lot of people. Many of these views are because of movies that I have seen, Walking around Arusha really opened my mind to the fact that even if we believe something is only one way, there is usually another side to it. My vision of Africa has changed drastically in just this short time that we have been here. Knowing that my view of this country was not completely accurate makes me wonder about how my students here view America. I hope to open their eyes about the many aspects of American culture as much as they have opened mine.

The schools in Africa are very different compared to what I believed they would be. The students love to learn and will do anything to be the best at what they do. Coming in I thought they would be similar to the students back at home, but so far they have proved me wrong. I highly enjoy working with them, even if it is at a slower pace then I am used to, and I cannot wait to bring everything I have learned back home.


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