First Day of School

Going into the first day of school I was very nervous. I was unsure of what was going to come of the day. Was I going to observe my class? Was I going to teach? What am I going to teach? Will I understand them? I had many questions buzzing through my head and I did not have any answers. I am usually one to have everything planned ahead of time, but this was not allowing me to do so and I was very anxious.

We got to the school and the students were running laps around the playground and they seemed to be having a lot of fun. My group went into the office to sign in and meet the head master and all was going well until the head master did not realize what we were there for. She stared at us for a minute or two without saying a word until she asked for the reason we were there. This caused us to feel even more uneasy about the day. We eventually got through everything and made our way to our classes.

The classroom that I am teaching has 45 students and at first I thought teaching them was going to be impossible. How do you make sure 45 Standard 1 students are learning everything? The students did not seem to stop talking once during the day, whether they were asking for a rubber, a pencil, a ruler, or a question. There was always some type of noise happening. I was not used to this and was confused as to why the teacher did not make them be quiet. I realized that all of the movement and such allowed them to stay focused throughout the day with out getting burned out, like so many students in America. They are always engaged and trying to do their best. Seeing all of the excitement and enthusiasm has made me look forward to teaching everyday now.


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