First Day of School

I am honestly amazed at how these schools are run. Today in particular I was supposed to teach two classes and was expecting that the next teacher for my students would show up and I would then leave to my second class. Well no one showed up and once I looked at the time I had already missed my second class. Later I found out that no one was even in the class I was supposed to teach in all afternoon. It just amazes me how these students sit in the classrooms with no teacher in the room for hours and that sometimes the teachers don’t even show up for the class. It is very hard for me coming form our school system to see that happening and be able to feel comfortable just leaving the kids alone in the room.

Next, I am just in awe of our school grounds. It looks like the building is falling apart and there is a large dirt hill right outside of the school with a bunch of rubble around it (like pieces of bricks and things) and the students are running and playing all over it. It always scares me to watch because I am so afraid that the kids will get hurt. I just find it interesting how differently those types of safety situations are handled here than they are at home.

Lastly, I must say that I love tea time. Every morning at 10:40 all of the teachers go to the teachers room and drink chai tea and eat bread. The tea is really sweet and extremely good. I find this to be a really nice time to just talk to the teachers, ask questions, and answer questions that they have for us. I love getting to know the teachers at my school and am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given to get to know them.


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