First Day of School

My First impression of Luth-Tetra secondary school could not have been more different than my African experience to that point.  After the most relentless barrage of hounding and salesmanship that I have ever experienced, school was calm and laid back, polepole in Swahili terms.

                Inside the classroom, students from secondary forms 1-4 age were attentive and respectful.  The level of math being taught was comparable to similar age groups in America.  Our first opportunity to interact with the students took a little bit of time to break the ice.              

                We began talking about America and where we are from but the ball finally started rolling when we showed them some of our pictures from back home.  Once though the students were through the pictures the momentum we had going started to slow, with only a few pockets of conversation remaining.  The saving grace for the time we had spent with the students was when math questions started to arise and they realized that we could help them with home work.  At that point full discussions were being held, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Mathematics, the universal language of the world broke down yet another barrier.


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