First Impressions of Tanzania

Rain…lots of rain. You get off the plane. Rain. You wake up in the morning to walk into town. Rain. You go to sleep. Rain. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said this was the end of the rainy season. I’m not mad though, my biggest excitement was to fall asleep to the sounds of a Tanzanian storm, and I’ve done that now…twice. 

When we arrived, the only thing that let me know I was in Tanzania, was the smell, it wasn’t foul or unpleasant. It just smelled as I would expect Tanzania to smell, it smelt natural, untouched, there was no pollution or smog. There was fresh air and there was rain. To me that was perfect. Then we walked around Arusha, and I believe the best way you can describe it is that it is like a musical. There are so many things going on at once and it is all mashed up in a form of beautiful chaos. Street vendors screaming, cars whizzing by 6 inches away from you, dala dala drivers standing outside of their vans waving people down, children running to and from school. It all fits together perfectly…it just works. While there is this constant chaos, everyone there lives and breathes the following phrases…Hakuna Matata and Pole Pole. No worries, slow down. Even when things are moving a million miles an hour, people still have no worries, and there’s no rush. 

I wish America was like this at times, no one is in an angry mood getting to where they need to be. Tanzanians have this mentality that they will get there when they get there…Hakuna Matata. 

The food is beyond comprehension, the people are the most friendly people I will ever hope to meet, and the weather…while rainy, is perfect in every way. I love it here. 

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