First Impressions of Arusha

When I first arrived in Africa it was so unreal. I couldn’t believe I had finally made it after many hours of traveling. The moment we stepped off the plane, it was raining. Our flight landed at about 9pm, so it was very dark. On our hour drive to your hotel we couldn’t see much but the road was very bumpy. Our hotel is very nice and the staff makes me feel at home. I was surprised at how tropical Tanzania is. I didn’t expect it to be. Everything is very green. There are plants everywhere you go. It’s a nice change of scenery from the United States.
Going into town for the first day was a bit of a shock. I was so surprised at how many people hang out on the streets. I’m glad I’m not driving here because the roads are crazy. Cars pull out whenever they want and pass each other even if a car is coming. There are also a lot of motorcycles that just drive everywhere. People honk their horns a lot, but it’s a higher pitched horn that what the cars in the United States have. It seems people use to it warn others they are behind them, not to get someone to move. The amount of people that say hello was very surprising as well. Every one you pass, will welcome you. It’s a nice change. People also come up to you and ask you to buy things all the times. You can tell them “no” a hundred times but that won’t stop them from asking you again.
One thing that has really stood out to me is how people don’t mind if it rains. On Monday when we were getting a tour of town, it started raining. All of us put on our rain jackets and used our umbrellas. However that made us stand out even more because the rain didn’t bother anyone else. People still were outside and didn’t let the rain stop their day. This attitude is very different from the United States.

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