First Impressions

Landing in Africa seemed unreal to me, since I had no idea what to expect. While riding in the van to the Outpost it was so dark we still were not able to actually see Africa. After a well needed sleep, we were able to wake up to see a very tropical place (I was not expecting that!) The first day here was so much fun, besides the rain.

The rain is something everyone will be blogging about since it is so different from home. It pours for hours straight and the people here act as though the rain is not any bother. In the US we all hide inside when it is raining this hard, while in Africa everyone is out and about with no umbrellas, hats, or hoods. A woman, in a very fancy outfit and in high heels, was walking down the very pothole filled road with ease while the rest of us are hiding under our hoods watching every step we take. After getting drenched we had time to dry off and have our first dinner here at the Outpost, which was very good! The food here is much better than any of us would have guessed.

Also, having time to just chat with everyone and get to know each other has been so much fun. Whether we are just sitting eating dinner or having nervous breakdowns about going to the schools and teaching, we all seem to already be great friends and are here to calm each other down and just have fun. This experience, so far, has been one I will not forget, and I can tell I will definitely not want to leave on June 2nd.


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