First Impressions

With not having been overseas before, being in Africa is going to be a “first” for me unlike any “first” that I can remember.  Stepping off the plane onto an African runway, the past 24 hours I spent in airports and airplanes finally being over consumed my thoughts.  My remaining mentally capacity was focused on getting out of the current torrential down pour and hoping I had all of my luggage waiting for me after I went through customs.

Once we were through customs and all of my luggage was accounted for I, took a deep breathe and admitted to myself that I was in Africa.  The ride to the lodge as I am finding out is only the tip of the iceberg as to what Africa would have in store for me.  The over crowded luggage rack on top of the van/ bus, the overlapping shoulders of people inside the bus, I was finally starting to realize what I the next 30 days were going to be like.  With the thoughts of joking, laughter, excitement, and anticipation from all the students, the most overwhelming impression was how much fun this month is going to be.


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