First Impression of Tanzania

       My first impression of Tanzania was being a little frustrated with the rain because we have got so much rain in Michigan! I love how it is so green here, and a lot of people are friendly. In the markets, or on the street, people are constantly trying to get you to buy things, and it is really hard to say no. Maybe I am too nice about it and should be more rude. My first real impression of Tanzania is that it is nice and welcoming place.      I really enjoy Arusha and The Outpost Lodge. I did not expect the rooms to look as they did. They are really cute, and I like how big the shower is. The beds are quite comfortable, and breakfast every morning is delicious. Dinner is also tasty and it was sweet to see an acrobatic performance. Those men really have some talent. I think that I have a great first impression of Tanzania because I will always remember it. 

     It is hard to get used to seeing drivers on the right hand side of vehicles and cars driving on the left side of the road because it is so opposite for me. I really want to take this experience in, and get everything I can out of it. A highlight of my trip so far excluding the school has to be going to the orphanage and seeing the monkey in the tree at breakfast. The plants are beautiful and the banana trees are so neat! I feel like I am in a jungle. Anyone who likes the outdoors and nature would like it here, and I am one of those people. 

     I recommend that anyone who is interested in taking this trip definitely should because it is a great experience. It is an interesting way to take your capstone, and you meet a lot of really neat people. I love it here so far, and I am sure I will continue to love it. I like that  I can walk many places because at home, I cannot walk where I would want to.022


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