First Day of School

My first day of school did not have that much going on because we were new to the school and we were getting settled. We sat in the teacher’s lounge type place for about an hour and a half. I got to see all of the classrooms. They have rooms from 1 years old to 7th graders. Most kids are to speak in English. I helped out with the three and four year olds the first day, and they were so sweet. They were working on counting and matching the number they count with the actual written letter. Some students still had trouble holding their pencil. Others had no problem doing the task.

I got assigned a 5th grade class. I thought that this would be a good idea since I taught 5th grade when I teacher assisted this past semester. I looked at the math book, and I noticed that they are not as far along as we are in math during this year, but the content is very similar. When the teacher comes into the room, the students stand up and sings to the teacher. When the students are called on, they stand up and answer the question. They are more respectable in Tanzania as well. There are many differences between the schools I am used to in America compared to the school here.

I have not had to walk to school since I was in elementary school. I think that it is neat that we are able to walk to the schools. Luckily, it has not been rainy when we were walking. The first day of school was very rainy. I had to whip out my rain poncho. When we were getting a tour of the school, it was raining pretty hard.

I think that teachers in the United States should take up Tea Time. I really enjoyed that on our first day. We had a break and had some bread with butter with some yummy tea. The only thing I did not like about lunch is that it is only twenty minutes long, and there is not enough time to go and grab lunch from the secondary school.067


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