First Day of School

Yesterday was our first day at the schools, and I am teaching at Lutheran Secondary School. We had to take a van to get there and the dala dalas on the way back. Getting to the school I had no idea what to expect. I did not have any idea what the school would look like, or even the students for that matter. The school is one story with maybe ten or so classrooms. The rooms have broken windows, no electricity, old desks and chairs, chalkboards, and uneven cement/dirt floors. The students are in uniform and are all extremely well behaved.
The first class we attended was a math Form 2 class. Before going to this class we had the chance to meet some of the teachers and the headmaster. They were all very nice and always saying “Karibu.” So, we observed the math class and saw a very “typical” teaching style that was described to us before coming to Tanzania. He was very straightforward and read directly from his book. Later we were able to watch a history class, which was very unusual since it was taught in a different point of view. We also were able to sit in another math class, for Form 3 students. This teacher taught in a style that was very similar to teaching styles in the US. He was very interactive and had his class very engaged and asking questions. The students in every class were very well behaved, as mentioned before, and they all seemed to like school.
At the end of the day we had the chance to chat with the students for an hour. They asked many questions and were very interested in the pictures we brought from home. They were not the greatest with their English yet, but some had the courage to ask us questions the entire time. We discussed our lives in the US, politics, animals, and many other things. The girls were curious of my hair and wanted to touch it, so I let them. They laughed and said it was soft, which was very fun for them and me. We had a great first day and learned a lot from only 6 hours of being there. I cannot wait for the next three weeks!


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