First Day of School!

Our first day was crazy and overwhelming but a lot of fun!! After touring the school, which took only 5 minutes, I went into my 4th grade class and started to observe their French lesson. At this time they were taking an exam and were copying the questions down from the chalk board and answering the questions. After about 10 minutes the French teacher peaced out and all he said to the students was “do not disturb teacher (me)”. I did not see him the rest of the day and ended up giving their exams to another teacher. I was probably very comical for the students because I had no idea what they were allowed to do and what they were not allowed to do. I am guessing I accidentally let a couple of things slide because I would here muffled giggles coming from the back. 

After this it was lunch time and I had the opportunity to compare their lunches and typical U.S. lunches. Once the bell was rung (by a young boy racing around the school) 5 or 6 different vendors crowd the school and students may either bring their own lunch or buy one from one of the vendors. A school supplied lunch is non existent. A lot of students were eating ice cream and candy and there was really no place for them to sit and eat it. 

Lunch was about 30 minutes long and later was supposed to be Games (like a P.E. class) but the Headmaster said it was too cold to do Games. It was 70 degrees outside and it was too cold. All of the students and teachers had either sweaters, winter coats, or hats on and were mesmerized by the fact that all of us were comfortable in just t-shirts!

Because my 4th graders did not do Games I was given the privilege of being in the classroom on my own for about an hour. I asked whether I was supposed to be teaching them something and the teachers said “just do what you would like hamnesheda” (no problems). So, I decided to utilize the hour as an introduction. The students and myself were very excited to get to know one another and it turned a bit chaotic. I definitely need to work on my classroom management skills. Out of all of my students the only name I have learned is Clifford (it is probably easy to see why).  Tomorrow I teach my first lesson of reading and I am hoping it will go well!!



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