First Day of School

We took our “first day of school” picture in the driveway this morning before heading off with our guides. We have one more day with them as guides and then it will be up to us to find our schools on our own. I am at Sekei Catholic School, which is a secondary school with forms one through five (freshman – seniors…ish). There are approximately 120 students and 7 teachers, so it’s just a tad bit smaller than my high school (where I had a graduating class of 250). We mingled with the teachers in the staff room and observed a couple of classes today. Tomorrow the real work starts as we begin our lessons. Mathematics and English (the language, not literature) for me! The students we saw today were well behaved and responsive whenever the teacher asked questions. I can only hope that this behavior will continue when I am up in front of the class!

Sidenote: Tea time should definitely be a thing in the U.S.A. We were treated to some delicious chai (tea) and mkate (bread).

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