The first impression of Africa was when we landed and walked off the plane and it was pouring rain!! We went through customs and got our luggage and loaded up our bus! We had to put our luggage on top of the bus under a tarp! The bus ride to the Outpost was super dark because there are hardly any lights anywhere! It was interesting the way our driver was driving because he would flash his lights at any car that was coming towards him to let them know he will be getting closer. Then there are random speed bumps in the road!! It was a cool experience…also the drive on the other side of the road (we all freaked out about that at first!) We got all situated and my clothes were all hung up around my room to dry. Our rooms are really nice and we have a huge bathroom! Plus the beds are super comfy!

So we get breakfast every morning at Cafe Mambo! They make us omelets every morning. It was really good!! They have fresh fruit and hand squeezed juice. YUM! After I had breakfast, I went to go shower…but forgot to turn on the hot water so it was an ice shower. We were able to hang out and relax until 11 and then head to lunch at the Blue Herring. I had a italian sausage, cheese, and green pepper panini. DELICIOUS. Their bread is homemade and tasted amazing. Their cheese here is very different as well, it doesn’t have such a strong taste. After our lunch, we walked to town and this is where all the fun started!!! The roads were packed with cars and people walking. We went to exchange money first and were instantly surrounded by Tanzanians trying to sell us things. I talked with one man for a while as we were waiting for everyone to exchange their money. He was teaching me “street swahili talk”. So when someone says “mambo” (which means whats up?) you reply back “poa” (which means cool). When someone says “jambo” (which is hello) you reply back “sijambo” (which is also a hello type greeting). Then when you don’t want to buy something from someone, you say “hapana, asante”, which means no thank you. When we were walking around to head to the Maasai Market, a lot of people were saying “karibu” which means welcome and we respond with asante (thank you). While walking to the Maasai Market, I was talking with the same man from before and he was asking me about the weather in America. So I asked him if he has ever seen the “mitten state” and he said yes and I showed him by holding up my hand like a mitten and he loved it! He started to ask me about snow and what its like right now in MI. He said he has only seen snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We then entered the Maasai Market and it was so amazing! There were so many stores with different people selling things they made. After walking around for a bit, we headed into town in the pouring rain. The town was crazy!! So many people selling things, walking, and driving and they all want to talk to us! We went to one of the fabric shops to pick out conga material. I bought some material that is blue, black, and orange…really pretty! While we were there, there was a power outage for a while and some people had to pick fabric out in the dark. We all bargained and got really good deals. Then we had a long trek back to the Outpost but it was such a cool experience. I will definitely go back to the Maasai Market because I saw a lot of really cool items!! Even though we were all soaking wet, we had a great time and the experience was amazing! 🙂


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