First Impressions of Tanzania

Oh my rain. When we first arrived it was pouring. We all crammed into a small bus and rode back to the lodge. Our bags were soaked by the time we arrived here and a very nice man carried mine to my room on his head… even though the airport marked it “heavy” because it weighed 52 pounds.

Tanzanians are very friendly and welcoming. During our walk in town everyone wanted to talk to us and sell us their bracelets and other souvenirs. I also learned the saying “mambo” and “poa,” which means “What’s up?” “Cool.” It is the fist-pounding way of Tanzania. The Swahili language is extremely interesting to hear and try and understand. I am trying my absolute best to learn as much as I can!

The food is wonderful! Our first meal was breakfast, consisting of omelets, pineapple, watermelon, and little baby bananas. There is also the most wonderful juice and coffee. For lunch we went to the Blue Heron, which also had great food! My friend Sammy and I shared a Hawaiian Twist pizza and a chicken slaw salad. Yum! I cannot wait to try all of the other delicious treats.

We saw an acrobat show at our lodge. The men lifted each other up, down, upside down, and all sorts of other crazy tricks. They also did some wild things with fire! The acrobats swallowed fire and rubbed it on their skin, OUCH!


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