Preparing for Travel

Oh goodness, first impressions. At some points I’m so excited that I want to be on the plane immediately and at other points I can’t help but shake my head and think, “What have you done?”. Oddly enough, I’m not overly worried about being in another country. It’s the fact that we have to be so cautious about what we eat, wear, and say that puts me in a bit of a panic. What if I forget how to say hello suddenly and they think I’m rude? What if I eat something and I get sick? What if they ask me to teach something that I am no good at (like science)? These are all the questions racing through my mind every time we talk about the trip. I have to just trust that the students who have gone before me have thought the same thing and they came back loving it and wishing they could have stayed longer. I know I’ll be fine once I get there; its the before getting there that has me worried. I’ll definitely love the students though. I have a heart to teach and I’ll take up any challenge they give me, be it math or science. The only other thing that has me in a tizzy is being able to pack everything. I’ve always been an excessive packer, but I need to limit myself to only the necessities. It should be fun!

As for what I’m excited for, the list is endless. I’m actually really looking forward to bartering in the market. I know it sounds weird, but it should be fun! Figuring out the language enough to be able to talk price? You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound fun or at the very least amusing. I’m obviously looking forward to teaching, but the orphanage is going to touch my heart. Being there just one day will probably be enough for me to want to take all those adorable children home with me. Another thing I’m excited for is the safari trip. I may or may not love the movie “Lion King” and the fact that I will be able to see the place Pride Rock was based off from has me really excited. There are so many things about this trip that have me jumping up and down. The culture, the scenery, the language – it’s all so beautiful; I can’t wait to immerse myself in it.



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