Preparing for Travel

Arusha, Tanzania.  39 days till departure.  HOLY SMOKES! This is actually happening!  Two years ago I was sitting in a Tanzania informational meeting knowing that I belonged on the trip but also knowing that it was a unobtainable dream based on my financial situation.  However, my heart and dreams yearned for the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and use my gift of teaching to impact others.   My dream of Tanzania did not end after the first meeting two years ago and I am so excited to say that my dream is starting to become a reality!  I am beyond excited for this 4 week adventure!! 

Preparing for this trip is taking a lot out of me.  There are so many things that need to be taken care of and things that I have yet to do before I can step onto the plane feeling prepared.  From medications to deciding what shoes to bring are all decisions that need to be made.  I walk away from the meetings feeling a bit overwhelmed but also more and more excited about our trip.  I am so excited to be immersed and witness a different culture.  I am also finding that I am a huge fan of Swahili.  It is so easy to read and just makes sense. 

Compared to some people that are going on this trip, I have had more teaching experience.  I have completed my teaching assisting and student teaching last semester.  During my student teaching placement, I taught mostly about social issues and how to handle situations and behavior problems compared to actual teaching content.  Therefore, I am so excited to actually teaching classroom subjects, content and the opportunity to practice teaching strategies!  I can not wait to see the impacts that this trip will have in my life!


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