Preparing for travel

          Preparation for a month in Tanzania began well before the day I hit the “apply” button for the Study Abroad program.  My wife and I thoroughly discussed the ramifications and the rewards an experience like this would have on myself and others.  Our conclusion was that the rewards far outweighed the consequences and thus work, vacation, family party and daycare schedules all started to adapt accordingly.   

            As my anxiousness about my level of preparation builds, it is feeble in comparison to my developing excitement about the trip.  Most of the developing excitement surrounds being able to interact with a culture outside of the culture I am accustomed to for an extended period of time.  This interaction with the Tanzanian people will help me grow as a person, and growth as a person to me is hands down far more exciting than an experience by itself.  That excitement for growth has been the most influential factor of why I would like to become a teacher.


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