Preparing For Travel

I remember two years ago looking at the Study Abroad book and thinking how I probably would never have the chance to participate in a study abroad program, boy was I wrong. Actually thinking that we are all going to be in Africa in 41 days is absolutely unreal. I cannot even imagine the things we’ll be able to see and experience. Going to the meetings and learning all about this trip only gets me more and more excited to go. Learning about the culture there and the schools has only made me more interested in the country. I know the teaching will be a whole lot different than here, but the fact that we get the opportunity to practice our skills and ideas is something I cannot wait for. And, of course I am nervous to go somewhere so different than home, but that is what I am going to love most.


So far, for preparing for this trip, I have gotten the medications and shots. I am still in the process of gathering the rest of the things from the packing list. It’ll definitely be a while before I feel like I am 100% prepared for this trip. The thing I will need to work on the most before leaving is Swahili. I know practice makes perfect, but this language is certainly not the easiest. I will be trying my hardest for the rest of the 40 days to become better at Swahili and to finally check off everything on the packing list.


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